Demo 2015

by Whalehunter

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Soon to be released on CD with sexy bonus content!


released February 15, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Stefan Mensching
Bandphotos also by Stefan Mensching
Cover by Matthias Wendrich


all rights reserved



WHALEHUNTER Münster, Germany

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Track Name: Trashbag Full of Wonders
Refined blend of sentiments
Mounted on a handmade frame
Bland and lazy elegance
Begging to be set aflame

But maybe it's just my TV screen
Things are hard to recognize through layers of plastic bags
But maybe it's just my TV screen
You never know which end is really disconnected

I tried to cut her with a kitchen knife
Not to hurt her, just to see if she was in fact alive
I broke down with a grin
As the room started to spin

Sometimes it's killing me that I can totally live with this stale taste on my tongue
Sometimes I throw up cause I know that I have the spit to swallow what goes down so wrong

Sunglasses will help you keep appearances while wading through the shit
You can't avoid it; so you might as well enjoy it
And Spread the love

They won't harvest our organs
If we strike first
If we think fast
If we wear 'em out before they know of us

All the fruit in the world lost its sweetness and taste
All the meat it's tenderness
Being numb is so goddamn flavourless

The floor is cold
The floor is hard
The high wore of long ago
This is chronic medication
Track Name: Mehrzweckeinsatzstock
Please, don't mistake this thing for a microphone
It'd be a shame if we'd have to end this conversation so abruptly

Empty your pockets and face the fucking wall
We have reasons to assume you'll be deviating soon
Pray that the whisky won't wear off
A steady hand is a gentle lover

I'm distraught, too, but I can't help
I've got voices to silence
Mouths to feed
And most people don't see my value
Where I come from, invaders don't get invitations

Please, don't make all those hours we sat in the sun, get the better of us
It'd be a shame if our wives
Had to suffer for those
Little white lies
You know the terror pension brings

This may sound arbitrary...
But let's rationalise this abuse

It's not that we are too stupid to see through your charade
It's that the increasing complexity of your lies, seems like flattery to us
Track Name: Set Panzers to Stun
No inherent purpose
Divine blob of brains

We're Frankenstein and we are too scared to admit
That we're quite handy with a bonesaw and a thread

Force fed through a tube and its appetite isn't waning
Are we even pumping it in, or is that thing sucking us dry?

We gave up all control so we could shift the blame
You can't deny it looks seductive in that ever bulging gown

All it took was a wink
And a halfhearted one at best

Let the pitchforks and torches take you and show you
You can't set panzers to stun
Track Name: Iron Lung
I wouldn't care if the poison was made from babies
If it helped me deny it
Keeping me just as alive as I need to be, these
Iron Lungs stall the rot

It's happening again
I long for meaning
I'm craving for goals
I'm looking for a script that, in my opinion, has some pacing issues

Sell out your idols
Lay down your honor
Skip all rehearsals
And fuck the director

I am so unspeakably happy, blood is gushing from my ears
I swear the editing will make it not as bad as it appears

I've been led so wrongly
Or have I failed myself?
Curled up in the fetal position
Caught in a loop of stock footage showing nothing at all

Bored to chase a higher plane and find nothing at all
Bored to raise a question and be told nothing at all
All my values will amount to nothing at all

And I'm loving it because
There is no boredom in sweatshops
No search for answers when the bomb drops
Track Name: Whale Strangler
The lawyers and dope fiends will tear a hole into your wealth
Pitchless is the ripping sound of their toothless jaws

Why won't the full body cavity search bring me my ignorance back?
Cause I sling answers where there weren't even bare concepts
I sling security where there can be no cure

So, save your breath
Hold your awe
And physically open your brain to this brave new machine

With the beads of St. Jude around our neck
Into my Laboratory
We sing praise to the crimes we committed
In my laboratory

Why won't the cavity search bring my ignorance back?
Why won't the metal rods bar me from knowing?
Track Name: Pursesnatcher
Another day I was standing in line at the food chain
I was told that all change was just in perception
That vegetables could bleed
And we're tonedeaf to their screams

What we can learn from the cannibals is to really see the good in man
But the town has claws and the town has fangs
So get tight grip in her veiny legs while peeking under her skirt

But it's all just background noise
To the ringing in my ear
I am not entirely sure if this is the happy ending I'd choose
Cause nothing ever ends

What we can learn from the cannibals is to really see the good in man
But the town has claws and the town has fangs
And it's full of people like us, who can see or feel no good
Who have left their inner child at the truck stop to grow up in the wild
Track Name: Post Ironic Stress Disorder
Empty passion drives us onward
Could be the bedsores
But the results are pretty much the same

Petty wars and violent discourse
Who says vanity doesn't pay off?
But from the eyes of the herder we are all the same strain of veal

Well mannered barbarians
Lifestyle pushers
Even the whitest teeth can not cover the stench of rot

The stomach craves more while the eyes fake excitement
Boarding a hamsterwheel to run away from the

Well mannered barbarians
Lifestyle pushers
The successful parasite has no interest in killing its host

And I laugh as the firestarters and arsonists
Set their living rooms ablaze
And touch themselves with an almost childlike bliss
We mutilated ourselves with a needle and a thread

Volatile benevolence
With hardly a price tag attached

Now get in line with the beat of the useless, the dance of the useless, the groove of welfare
A patchwork of human skin has sown itself up and is leading the parade
All riled up
Expressive boredom

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